Sultry Miss Em

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I have a wonderful variety of products available for sale. 

Message to discuss payment/shipping options

Photo Sets

Click the link for instant access w payment through IndieBill 

Custom photo requests are available

These are the sets currently available:

Audio Files

Audio Files have a range of lengths and subject. See list of what is currently available. Customs audio files can be created of your own ideas or to hear me read a favourite story of yours.  Click the title to be taken to a payment and immediate download through IndieBill.


Vids are generally 5-20 min long, Unless custom made ones requested. 

Click the title to be taken to a payment and immediate download through IndieBill. 


Giantess-Adjusting to Being Shrunk

Giantess Cleans up Destruction-Gentle

Giantess Destroys Airbase

Giantess Destroys Graveyard

Giantess-Don't hide from me!

Giantess Enormous Breasts

Giantess Finds you Hiding

Giantess Flossing

Giantess Food Squishing Fun

Giantess-Hiding on Desk

Giantess-Hiding under the stool

Giantess Searches Through Balloons

Giantess Teases little man w Pussy

Giantess-Uses Power to Crush

Giantess VS. Cars

Giantess in White Stockings


Boss-Cum on my Tits

Boss JOI

Boss-Sexy Temp Inspires Underdesk Orgasm

Boss Smelly Shoe/Foot Worship

Boss Stinky Feet Worship

Boss Stocking/Foot Worship

Boss Strapon

Boss-Underdesk Thigh Worship

Coworker is Jealous of Your Wife

Employee Seduces Boss w/ Pantyhose


Smoking Cigar on Balcony

Smoking Cigar on Balcony-Sensual

Smoking Cigar in Backyard

Smoking in a Breeze

Smoking in a Sweater

Smoking Domme-Outdoors

Smoking Outside

Smoking Outside 2


Hairy Pits

Hairy Armpit Worship

Hairy Armpit Curiosity

Hairy Pussy Orgasm

Ignoring you in Hammock

Pissing in My Leggings

Pissing on Camera-POV

Pumpkin Carving Domme Style

Pumpkin Destruction

Red Lip Spit

Shaving Legs

Sex Doll
Body Worship


Black Heel Clean

Black Heel CBT Crushing

Boot and Cock Worship

Boot Worship

Boot Worship-Silent

Boss Smelly Shoe/Foot Worship

Boss Stinky Feet Worship

Boss Stocking/Foot Worship

Clean My Boots

Clean My Boots 2

Clean My Feet

Dripping Oiled Feet

Food Squishing Brownies

Foot Hypnosis

Foot Job- Red Toes

Foot Job-Real Cock-Cum on Feet

Footpig Outdoor Foot Worhip

Foot Pumping Red Heels

Foot Worship-Bare Toes-POV

Foot Worship by Slave-POV

Foot Worship-w/Oil in yard

Foot Worship 2-POV

Foot Worship-Peep Toe

Foot Worship-Peep Toe POV

Foot Worship w Tan Pantyhose

Foot Worship-Red Toes-POV

Foot Worship-Purple Toes/Jewelry-POV

Frilly Little Socks/High Heels

Giantess Food Squishing Fun

Giantess in White Stockings

Heels CBT

Ignoring you in Hammock

Impatient Boots

Leather Boots Tapping

Naked Toenails Foot Worship-POV

Naked Toenails in Shoes-4 pairs

Outdoor Foot Worship-Pumpkin


POV Foot Worship

POV Leg/Ass Worship

POV Sole Worship Toe Spreading

Pumpkin Destruction



Panties can be purchased as clean, worn (up to 3 days), pissed In, Stuffed in pussy or squirted in. 

I have cotton, lace, thong, boy cut, full back. 

Panties are $100 per pair (Including shipping)


Pantyhose, Stockings and Socks can be purchased clean or worn from 1-3 days.  

They are $75/pair (Including shipping)


I have a variety of Dildos available for purchase either clean or fresh fucked. 

They range in size from 6-18 inches, some have balls, some don't. 

Light or Dark skin tones available. 

Sent in plain packaging. 

They are $200 each (Including shipping)


Other personal items of mine are available for purchase depending on your fetish. 

In the past I have sent out bottles of spit/piss, bags of foot shavings/dust/toenail clippings, used shoes, hair from various parts of my body, used tissues and pads. 

Don't be afraid to share your turn ons I may just be able to help you with them.

Prices vary depending on availability of item and amount requested.