Sultry Miss Em

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I have a wonderful variety of products available for sale. 

Message to discuss payment/shipping options

Photo Sets

Click the link for instant access w payment through IndieBill 

Custom photo requests are available

These are the sets currently available:

Audio Files

Audio Files have a range of lengths and subject. See list of what is currently available. Customs audio files can be created of your own ideas or to hear me read a favourite story of yours.  Click the title to be taken to a payment and immediate download through IndieBill.


Vids are generally 5-20 min long, Unless custom made ones requested. 

Click the title to be taken to a payment and immediate download through IndieBill. 


Giantess-Adjusting to Being Shrunk

Giantess Cleans up Destruction-Gentle

Giantess Destroys Airbase

Giantess Destroys Graveyard

Giantess-Don't hide from me!

Giantess Enormous Breasts

Giantess Finds you Hiding

Giantess Flossing

Giantess Food Squishing Fun

Giantess-Hiding on Desk

Giantess-Hiding under the stool

Giantess-Ignores you under desk

Giantess Searches Through Balloons

Giantess Teases little man w Pussy

Giantess-Uses Power to Crush

Giantess VS. Cars

Giantess in White Stockings


Boss-Cum on my Tits

Boss JOI

Boss-Sexy Temp Inspires Underdesk Orgasm

Boss Smelly Shoe/Foot Worship

Boss Stinky Feet Worship

Boss Stocking/Foot Worship

Boss Strapon

Boss-Underdesk Thigh Worship

Coworker is Jealous of Your Wife

Employee Seduces Boss w/ Pantyhose


Smoking Cigar on Balcony

Smoking Cigar on Balcony-Sensual

Smoking Cigar in Backyard

Smoking in a Breeze

Smoking in a Sweater

Smoking Domme-Outdoors

Smoking Outside

Smoking Outside 2

Smoking w Breasts Out


Hairy Pits

Hairy Armpit Worship

Hairy Armpit Curiosity

Hairy Pussy Orgasm

Ignoring you in Hammock

Pissing in My Leggings

Pissing on Camera-POV

Pumpkin Carving Domme Style

Pumpkin Destruction

Red Lip Spit

Shaving Legs

Sex Doll
Body Worship


Balloon Stomp Heels/Stockings

Black Heel Clean

Black Heel CBT Crushing

Boot and Cock Worship

Boot Worship

Boot Worship-Silent

Boss Smelly Shoe/Foot Worship

Boss Stinky Feet Worship

Boss Stocking/Foot Worship

Clean My Boots

Clean My Boots 2

Clean My Feet

Dripping Oiled Feet

Food Squishing Brownies

Foot Beating/Bastinado on sub

Foot Hypnosis

Foot Job- Red Toes

Foot Job-Real Cock-Cum on Feet

Footpig Outdoor Foot Worhip

Foot Pumping Red Heels

Foot Tease Ignoring you

Foot Worship-Bare Toes-POV

Foot Worship by Slave-POV

Foot Worship-w/Oil in yard

Foot Worship 2-POV

Foot Worship-Peep Toe

Foot Worship-Peep Toe POV

Foot Worship w Tan Pantyhose

Foot Worship-Red Toes-POV

Foot Worship-Purple Toes/Jewelry-POV

Frilly Little Socks/High Heels

Giantess Food Squishing Fun

Giantess in White Stockings

Heels CBT

Ignoring you in Hammock

Impatient Boots

Leather Boots Tapping

Naked Toenails Foot Worship-POV

Naked Toenails in Shoes-4 pairs

Outdoor Foot Worship-Pumpkin


POV Foot Worship

POV Leg/Ass Worship

POV Sole Worship Toe Spreading

Pumpkin Destruction



Panties can be purchased as clean, worn (up to 3 days), pissed In, Stuffed in pussy or squirted in. 

I have cotton, lace, thong, boy cut, full back. 

Panties are $100 per pair (Including shipping)


Pantyhose, Stockings and Socks can be purchased clean or worn from 1-3 days.  

They are $75/pair (Including shipping)


I have a variety of Dildos available for purchase either clean or fresh fucked. 

They range in size from 6-18 inches, some have balls, some don't. 

Light or Dark skin tones available. 

Sent in plain packaging. 

They are $200 each (Including shipping)


Other personal items of mine are available for purchase depending on your fetish. 

In the past I have sent out bottles of spit/piss, bags of foot shavings/dust/toenail clippings, used shoes, hair from various parts of my body, used tissues and pads. 

Don't be afraid to share your turn ons I may just be able to help you with them.

Prices vary depending on availability of item and amount requested.