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Love of Fetishes

I love fetishes more than I can possibly explain.


The first time I remember being fascinated by a fetish and realizing what a fetish really was about 20 years ago. I met a guy online for casual sex and he explained his love of feet and introduced me to CBT (cock and ball torture). At the time I thought my feet were weird and he helped me see the beauty in my feet with the long toes, high arches, great polished nails, etc. He loved to hold them in his hands and kiss and lick all over them. Then I learned about how he loved having them on his cock and balls, but not in the traditional footjob kind of way. He liked me pushing my toes into his ball sack and wiggle them around so they poked his balls in different ways.


I remember feeling so energized and curious when I left seeing him. It sparked something in me, a need to learn, to experience, to know more of the “weirdness” out there. I have always been a knowledge sponge and this was an amazing door opening to such a different world than I had ever known. I saw him a few times and even was in chats with a girlfriend where he would take us shoe shopping if we would kick him in the balls with the shoes he bought. Sadly that never solidified into an experience but I look back now and realize how integral it was to where I am today.


Today it’s incredibly common for men to buy me gifts either to use with/on them or just because they know I love them. Now it’s part of my life and my expectations as part of my job. I suppose looking back it was inevitable that I would end up in this industry after the level of curiosity it spiked after that first foot/cbt experience.


Another formative experience for me was one summer I went back to my home town while in University. I worked multiple jobs that summer, one being a cook at a small local bar. I worked evenings and weekend cooking burgers and wings. It was a bit of a of a dive bar, never really busy. There was a regular there who I got to know. He was a bit of a rough looking guy. He was always flirting, loved my long curly hair. One evening the town was holding a celebration event and I ran into him. One thing led to another and we ended up going back to his place (which was a bunk bed at a friends house, which was strange in itself) we were making out and fooling around. I start giving him a blow job and he asks me to chew on it. I said “Um, excuse me?” He said, yeah I like it chewed on, pretend it’s a piece of licorice. This was very new to my very inexperienced sex life. I delicately bit a bit and he asked for more, harder. I slowly got into it, squishing the head of his dick flat between my teeth. It was a fun experience and certainly stuck with me, seeing as it’s been over 20 years.


Not all fetishes are super fun, I also have my limits of what I don’t play with. These are mostly non consensual, full face masks, under age, animals, scat, and needle play. I did have an experience on cam few years ago that I didnt know I didn’t like until it was over. Male pregnancy fetish. He had been coming in and out all day and wouldn’t really say much. Finally I told him speak or get blocked. He explained he was nervous because his desire was quite unusual and he got a lot of poor responses in the past. He explained he wanted a roleplay in which he was pregnant, near the end of his pregnancy and needed my help to have an orgasm which would trigger his labour. Unfortunately he was too fat to reach his penis to stroke to an orgasm. So he needed me to do that part for him. The roleplay was fairly quick for all that build up. Afterwards I felt icky and had to go walk around the block. Now I had no issue with the male pregnancy part, I am just grossed out by pregnancy in general. People always want you to feel their child kicking, which is super weird. Also the whole being a gestation pod for a living creature who makes you miserable for 9+ months only to make you forget how awful it was so hopefully you will do it again.


Another really unique fetish I have had a lot of clients want is related to my need to wear glasses. The fact that I’m extremely (almost legally blind) nearsightedness is a very popular one. This one actually took me a little longer than usual to figure out the psychology behind the fetish. Turns out for most people it is a white knight situation. The love to watch me try to read, to paint my fingernails, to squint really hard to read the screen, etc. They love seeing me helpless, knowing I cannot take care of myself without my glasses (I actually am very adept at doing things without glasses, between weak eyes and emergency eye surgery I am very aware of what life could be like without sight). They get off on the idea of me needing them, seeing me as weak etc. This is the reason as to why I don’t love this fetish and will only do it depending on my mood.


An all time favourite fetish I’ve had is the sneeeze sweater guy who I wrote about here


It would take ages to list out all the various fetishes I have dealt with and played with over the years. There are unending varieties and combinations of fetishes. Some are “unique”, some are silly, some are curious, some are generic. There is something for everyone. I love exploring them with people. Helping them add depth to their fantasies and making them even more satisfying. I love helping them understand a bit of the psychology behind those fetishes and where they may have come from.


If you want to explore fetishes with me in a safe space you can do so via video clips I have created, a custom clip, through text or video chats.*fetishes

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