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One of my favourite types of play on cam or in chat sessions is roleplay. I love getting lost in a character and bringing someone’s fantasies to life. Knowing they have this idea, scenario, characters, etc in their head and I get to make it real for them is a wonderful sensation.


I get a lot of people asking for my favourite roleplay to do. This is such an impossible question to answer. Since roleplays are interactive it depends on the chemistry and dynamic and interactions between myself and the client. How chatty is he*? How many details is he supplying? Does he really want a roleplay or is he looking for more of a dirty story time where I basically read a story to him with all the filthy details but it isn’t as interactive.


There are so many fun aspects to doing roleplays, there are also some real challenges. One of the biggest challenges is when someone has a strict script in mind and basically wants you to be the person who embodies that character, while you don’t know the character, dynamic, expectations etc. For this reason I don’t do roleplays that require a script or have me play a role of a real person in his life. It’s pretty much impossible for me to say the responses he may be expecting or wanting. He has to constantly interrupt to “fix” my responses and the break in roleplay ruins the characters and interaction.


I have done some roleplays that would be considered more “common” and some that would be SUPER unique. More common ones would be combos of the following characters:





*Someone you know in real life and fantasize about.


There are also a lot of really unique scenarios-some of which I have played out, some of which I wasn’t into for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the ones that have been requested of me over the years I’ve been on cam.


Male pregnancy was one of the most unique ones I have ever experienced, and one that I certainly wouldn’t do again. It left me feeling all squirmy and icky but probably not for the reason you think. Pregnancy actually creeps me out in all humans, gestation pods while little aliens grow and leech off of its host. I’m always uncomfortable when pregnant people ask me to feel a baby kick etc. So it wasn’t really that the guy wanted to be pregnant as much as anyone wanted to discuss intimate details of pregnancy leading into labour. In his roleplay he was fully pregnant and ready to go into labour. His stomach was so big that he couldn’t reach his penis, which he had to be able to stroke and have an orgasm to start labour. So he needed me to jerk him off till he had an orgasm and then he could proceed with giving birth-we never got into the details of the actual birth (thankfully, I don’t want to know where that baby was coming out…)


One guy wanted me to roleplay as his old crush Tonya, he wanted us to meet for dinner and go to a hotel where I was to seduce him. He missed her and wanted to relive some of their experiences. This is the kind of roleplay I don’t like to do because there is no way for me to know how to interact with him in the “right” way to bring those memories back to life.


Another one I get a number of variations of cuckholding often including the life he wishes they had, or the conversations that would lead to real experiences. He wants to hear about all the men that his wife/girlfriend is fucking, how much better they are than him in any number of ways. It could be one man or it could be a multitude of men, often it’s someone specific like a coworker or their boss etc.


Similar yet on the other side are clients who want me to talk about their partners. While I don’t offer homewrecking or insults to a clients partner I am ok with creating a fantasy implicating them in the pleasure scenario. One guy wanted me to create an interactive situation about what I would do if I hooked up with him and his wife and all the delicious things we would do in bed together. Or the things I would do with his girlfriend while he was sitting in the corner watching. These are really these scenarios that truly bring fantasies to life.


Along the idea of playing a specific role was a guy who wanted me to be his wife in a roleplay. He wanted me to do all the things she won’t do in bed with him. This was one that while it was a specific storyline, since I was doing the things she wouldn’t it was an easy scenario to play out as I could put my own spin on it. I could wear the clothes she wouldn’t, be seductive and draw him in to sensual passion. It was fun to just be me, and somehow also what he wanted and needed.


There are several guys who get off more so on the specific words than the full storyline. For example is one guy who doesn’t really care about what the scenario we play out involves, just as long as it includes excessive use of the words erection and ejaculation. Another wanted me to talk about him fucking his ex girlfriend in the ass-I’m guessing she wasn’t into it.


Other requests I’ve received over the years :

· Denim skirt and a school girl

· Wants me to take advantage of him while gf is gone

· Walk in on me changing after the gym

· He is caught in my toy drawer, I make him play with my toys

· Nurtured by mature woman while he is in diaper

· Wants quick degrading roleplay as he is jerking off in ain airport bathroom

· I look like Sister in law that he wants to fuck secretly

· Wants to have fun while having cheating sex with strangers

· Says his flat mate is out and he is in her room. Wants to know what type of fun he should have with her bed and her panties

· Smells his sister in laws dirty panties

· Wants me to be his friends mom and seduce him while keeping it a secret from his friend

· Wants to play w his wife and her sister together


So as you can see, if you can even think of it, someone has turned it into a fantasy and is getting off on it!!


Want to explore some of these or another unique one? You can book a cam or text session with me.



**Majority of my clients are male.

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