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The more I begin to explore the world of FinDom the more I know it is truly for me. I am so different from the majority of the other Dommes who style more of a "Fuck you, Pay Me" approach. I am much more gentle, I set high expectations, strict consequences for failure to comply and before you know it you are doing whatever it takes to please me.

The humiliation aspect is so much fun. Guys who say they won't do certain things find themselves doing it in spite of themselves only to hear me say good boy and I am pleased.

For example a guy on KIK who said he would never put his finger up his ass and yet there he was 2 knuckles deep in the shower yesterday hating every minute, sex drive completely killed for 12 hours after. All it took was telling I was pleased with his behaviour and a pic of my fat pussy to have him hard and dripping exclaiming his love for me :) haha

The other one doing humiliating shopping to buy his ever precious Tighty Whities. having to tell the sales ladies exactly what he is looking for. Tighty Whities extraoirdinaire. hahahaha

I am always on the hunt for new boys to humiliate and expose via twitter etc. More details further on my other pets as adventures occur.

xoxo Em

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