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SW SKills Directory

My commitment to the sex worker community this year is beginning with a bang!


I have been seeing so many people post on social media or ask in group chats “who does websites?” “Who can explain how XX works on X site?” “Who does coaching?” etc. These posts get a few answers but it really depends so strongly on who sees and/or retweets it to get it to the right person. There are always a million professionals that can be hired but always a risk of how they treat someone in the adult industry.


Lola Davina writes about work after sex work in her book Thriving in Sex Work. She talks about the dozens of different skills we are required to have in order to successfully run our businesses. She goes on to talk about how you can use and market these skills after sex work, or as a side hustle. I have discussed these in group chats or with friends, and it’s amazing how talented we are in ways that have NOTHING to do with actual sex.


There have been massive shifts in our industry over the last few years from competition to community. A big realization that there are more than enough clients for all of us, we are not competing with each other in finding clients for services or content. There has been an increase in supporting each other, sharing tips and tricks that we have learned over time. There are more people realizing the value in the skills they have and how they can be used.


I kept thinking what if someone had a place to go and see a list of people who are not going to have an issue with our industry, who have experience with doing these types of jobs in our industry. Combining this with the idea of wanting to support other sex workers, I decided to create a directory of Sex Worker Skills.


So here is the creation of SW Skills Directory. A place for Sex workers to connect in a few different ways.


~Available Skills- A place for sex workers to submit the skills they have, how much they charge for them, how they can be paid, examples of their work, etc.

~Requested Skills- A place for sex workers to put up specific jobs they need to hire someone to help them with.

~Items for sale- A place for sex workers to put up items related to our work or lives to sell to other sex workers. Things can be new or used, sellers can decide if they ship within their own country or across borders. This can be tools, toys, tech, clothes, makeup, etc.


It is a place to get yourself found with the skills you have!! Anyone who is/was a sex worker can submit themselves to be listed. The whole site is free to get listed on, free to search on, free to use. The cost is between the person seeking services and the person offering services, this is negotiated between them and completed between them. There will be a range from basic to pro skills, and with that a huge variety of rates that people will charge and be willing to pay. With items for sale, it can be a great place for finding some good deals.


There are other sites out there like which assists in connecting sex workers with vetted professionals and they hold the payment till the work is completed. This is a great idea! This gives people a chance to reach out to vetted professionals and get the help they want.


What is different on SW skills directory is that the professionals listed are also all sex workers, so money is going back into the community, no one has to pay to be listed so everyone who is confident in their work and ready to be hired can do so. People can have a look through the options and contact to set up hiring some help for your business! People who are listed are not vetted, and no money passes through the directory. It’s like the yellow pages to list options!


In the future:

There will be a forum option added soon for asking questions, sharing some knowledge about different sites, tips/tricks, etc!

As the site grows with listings it will also be broken down into sub pages for different skills to make the search easier.

There will be a blog added which will take submissions from members to share their thoughts, experiences, stories, etc

The ability to leave reviews


Please check out


If you are looking for help for a project or have skills to list or items to sell please submit your forms and let’s build an amazing directory!!  See below for some ideas to list.

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