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Fun Fetish-Sneeze Sweater

I have done years of fetish play, I have played with many “common” and many “unique” fetishes. One of my absolute favourite sessions ever, was fairly early on in my cam days I had a guy request that I wear a cardigan style sweater while blowing my nose. He requested the louder the better!!

I thought about my wardrobe, I had a number of pullover style sweaters, hoodies, some really light weight little jackets I wear over dresses or tank tops, and then I realized I had the perfect one!! It was actually knit for me by a family member many, many years ago. It is bright pink with a huge cowl neck. When I put it on, he was absolutely thrilled. He loved how I could pull down into the sweater, wrap it up high around me. That sweater and a box of tissues and we were off on an adventure of fetish fun.

I tickled my nose a bit trying to work up a real sneeze, that wasn’t working, so I faked a few little sneezes. He said they were ok, then asked to focus on the nose blowing part of it more than the sneezing parts. I have never been a noisy nose blower, so I started with my normal, delicate little blows and cleared my nostrils out pretty quickly. Then I started having some real fun with it. Pushing the air harder, trying to get some real noises. I realized that by blowing through just one nostril I was just passing air with not much noise, BUT if I wiggled the tissue back and forth between the nostrils while blowing, I got a great honk going. He loved it!!

I am pretty sure that I surprised myself with the first few big honks. I had certainly never made noises like that before! I got into a bit of a rhythm between honking and wiping, all while holding the neck of my sweater up and tight around me. It was so much fun as he was giving big glowing feedback like ‘OMG, that’s amazing!” “you are so sexy” “oh god yes so loud!!” “oh can you do that again?” “this is so amazing” “Oh my god, I love it so much!!” He loved it so much he came 2x (something that was not all that common for him)

While he wasn’t a regular, he was quite certainly memorable. Anytime someone would ask about the most unique fetishes I get in my work, he would always be one of the ones that came to mind instantly. I was so happy when he came back after 4+ years and I knew his name immediately. I love my regulars and the play I get to do over and over but unique fetishes are really where my passions lie.

I asked him if he would be willing to share a bit about the history of his fetish as I wanted to understand how he first realized it, how it developed and everything he knew and would share about it. Thankfully he is quite self-aware and confident in his unique fetish. He sent me a little run down on the history of when he really discovered and understood his interests.

He says he had 2 ladies inspire his interests. One was an afterschool teacher and one was a neighbour lady who used to babysit him. The neighbour lady was older, in her mid 50’s with long curly black hair. She was short and curvy and often wore a cardigan sweater. She would take care of him when his parents were away. Sometimes they would play around and pretend they were sick. They would wrap up tight in her cardigans (which was quite oversized on him) and pretend to sneeze. It would make him laugh a lot. Then they would pretend to be sick and blow their nose as loud as they could. They would laugh and have fun. One time she sneezed for real and it was ENORMOUS. This loud, violent sounding EEEYAAAAAAASSHHHHOOOOOOO. Scared and aroused him at the same time.

The other inspiration was a lady who took care of him after school. She was younger, in her early 20’s. She had short black hair and always wore a long, cream coloured, cable knit sweater. She reminded him of snow white in a sweater. She was gorgeous and he was entranced by her. She was quite strict and he loved that about her. She used to blow her nose really loud. One time she caught him staring at her while she was blowing her nose and she got really upset with him. She gave him a time out and asked him why he was staring at her and what he was doing. She was really upset with him and he was stuttering trying to figure out how to explain what he didn’t really understand at that age. He finally broke down and told her that it was because he thought she was so pretty. He was practically in tears as he apologized. She hugged him and said it was sweet what he said, but that staring was rude. From then on he could practically get away with murder as the teachers pet.

These incidents cemented his love. He has clearly taken the time to think on it and understand what brought his rather unique fetish to life. I am thankful he was able to put some thought into it as I had been so curious about it for so long. When talking to friends about his fetish specifically we had guessed at the why and how behind the fetish, we joked about him being at thanksgiving dinner with granny in a sweater blowing her nose and him popping a boner.

So many fetishes are quite obvious and easy to figure out when you dig back to a persons formative years either sexual or in general. This was a special and unique one that will stick with me all of my years.

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