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Types of Cam Clients

After 7 plus years of working on cam you can start to categorize just about every guy who comes into your space. Every model will have their own categories and understanding of the relationships they have with their clients. These are the ones that have become common in my work.

Generic client:

These are the ones who come in, say what they want, do the show, and leave. Sometimes they say thank you, sometimes they don’t. They may come back, they may not. A lot of people begin here and then grow into great clients as the connections and pleasure grow. These guys often have a cycle of their own and it may be that their cycle has a much longer return period than others. Perhaps their interests/kinks/fetishes only need to be fed once a month, one to three times per year etc. So they may not be as easily remembered, but could be TONS of fun!

Great Clients:

There are some great clients, who support over long periods of time, who are fun to play with, who light up your face when you see their names pop up on the screen. In my case they are the few that are allowed to sit and visit in my room without going quickly to show. They know more about me, on a personal level. I may share some less than cheery details of life or the industry with them. They may be great clients, even considered friends but they also understand that I am working and do not expect a lot of attention if they are just hanging out. They appreciate the time and attention given but aren’t hoping or expecting I will ignore other potential income clients. These clients are not categorized this way quickly, they are developed over time, proven to understand the transactional base of your relationship and don’t expect extra, but always appreciate it.

Great clients who become less great over time:

There are also clients who start as a great client but as time continues on they either start to feel entitled to more time/attention or catch feelings. These clients attempt to take advantage of the comfort and freedom they have with the cam model. They hang out and get frustrated that the model isn’t give them the amount of attention they feel entitled to. They may begin to expect free content, flashes, time, energy etc. These are incredibly disappointing clients as the model had a trust in them and often feel heartbroken or used as the client changes the boundaries that had always been there. These clients are a good example of why we, as models need to always be careful what we share with clients, even those we consider friends.

Clients who catch feelings:

Clients who catch feelings and fall for the model can be hard to deal with and even dangerous depending on how we respond. It usually comes down to the fact that the client wants to reestablish the boundaries of the relationship and the model does not feel the same way. I have had this situation a few times. I always believe in honesty when explaining that there is a transactional aspect to our relationship, mixed with they have feelings for the fantasy I am presenting, not me necessarily as a person in reality. I have lost a lot of money and a handful of clients, but I feel good about knowing I didn’t lead them on or give them false hopes.

Anything/Everything/Whatever you like clients:

Variety of categories that basically all work out to being lazy with communication skills. Guys who say they want anything/everything/whatever I want. There may be a few guys who think they actually mean that when they say it, mostly because they know what they want in their head and can’t imagine that anyone else wants anything else so it should just be obvious to me exactly what they are looking for. This is not the case in reality. You may want to just jerk off and look at my tits, but in reality I do way way more shows that involve humiliation or pain than basic pleasure so it’s not obvious to me. Often it just comes across as lazy and or unwilling to communicate their interests. My responses to the anything/everything guys have changed over the years.

“Awesome! Shove a cactus up your ass and ride a bicycle while hanging from a chandelier!”

“Great! Go get a hammer, a handful of nails, a board and we will see what your balls can handle!”

“Wonderful! Let’s do some extreme financial domination. I want one million dollars per year in my bank account along with a villa in Tuscany with a functional winery in my name!”

It’s amazing how quick men find their words to describe what they actually want when given examples of what “anything” really means. Usually it’s actually something quite simple and not at all adventurous.

Lack of communication skills:

There are people who are genuinely unable to communicate what they want. This could be because it’s a new idea/desire and they don’t understand it enough to be able to put together a scenario they want to explore. This could be a language barrier where their English isn’t strong and they have a hard time getting the idea across. I am happy to work with those who actually struggle with the words if they tell me that is what the problem is. Too many lazy clients make it hard to guess that this is what the situation is unless you tell me explicitly. Tell me you are struggling and I can start a broad variety of questions and siphon it down to what you crave.

Shy/Shamed Client:

Often a variation of the anything/everything guy. Yes there are genuine shy people, people who have high levels of shame around their interests, that are afraid of how I may respond when they do tell me what they actually want. There are also a lot of guys who just can’t/won’t put their desires into words and communicate their interests. The laziness of this is incredibly problematic. I get it, you are horny, you have limited blood flow and logic working in your brain at this moment, HOWEVER, if you cannot tell me what you want/like/need you will not get it! I am very, very good at what I do, I am actually quite empathic and intuitive, but I need at least a baseline or genre or rough idea of what you like before I can make it an amazing experience with me!

Bait and Switch Clients:

These are my current least favourite type of clients. These are clients who ask for “XYZ”, then when I agree and we go into the paid session they suddenly want “PQR” which I may or may not offer. Common is someone who wants a Domination style show, I agree, begin the power dynamic and all of a sudden he is demanding that I do other things that have nothing to do with that. Wanting me to spank myself, or fuck my pussy when they actually asked for small penis humiliation, or cock and ball torture. These have nothing to do with each other and I don’t offer a blend of the two in the same session. I have to take a deep breath, swallow my anger, and explain to them how different this is. Sometimes they apologize and remember themselves and it’s a great show. Other times they get angry, demanding, leave immediately and rate me 1 star. The other variation on this is asking for something I offer and agree, then deciding they want something I don’t offer period and getting angry I won’t do it. Well Mr. had you asked me for that in the first place, I would have happily explained that is not an option and told you to find another model who does offer it.

Client at the Buffet:

These are the clients who may or may not be able to articulate what it is that they are looking for. What makes them unique is that they want EVERYTHING in one session. Different than the bait and switch who fully change, these guys just want a taste of everything you offer, and some things you don’t. For example: Guy wants to do a show with foot worship, and some heels, then it becomes worshipping legs, then show panties, spread asshole, show pussy, add Domination to any parts of that, CBT, then suddenly a roleplay of cuckholding the neighbours husband, etc. It’s awesome for someone to be eager to try so many things, test it all out and see what they love. However, not all of these things work together in the same show, let’s find 2-3 things that work together and make an amazing experience. Then next time you come back and we can try 2-3 more things. Keep that passion and eagerness to taste it all just slow down, take a breath and plan for the future!!

Director Client:

This guy thinks he is directing a very personal porno, and this works for some models who accommodate this. I enjoy someone who can communicate their desires, even a few words they want included to make sure their fantasy is real. I don’t work well with scripts, guys who want very specific responses to everything and often expect me to know how they want me to respond when I have never played with them and have no way to know. The other type of director is the client who says he wants to see me pleasure myself, squirt, orgasm etc. Then when I start to work on that to ensure they get an authentic show they start to tell me, direct, how I should touch myself. Well Mr, who do you think knows better how to get my body to rise in pleasure to the result of squirting? You, who wants me to turn my vibe up high and hold still on my clit so it is completely numb, or me, who can feel what my body feels and know how to get there? I will just straight up stop playing, look directly in the camera and ask “Do you want to direct this or do you want to see the result you requested? You aren’t going to get both” They either take the shot to their ego and leave in embarrassment/anger or they apologize and ask me to continue as I was. Those that let me do what I know works are often much more humble after that and often super grateful for the amazing show they get.

Boundary pusher:

These are the guys I can only assume have at least attempted if not succeeded in a date rape in their past. These guys hear “I don’t like that/don’t do that” and their instant response is something along the lines of “awwww, c’mon”, “you’ll like it”, “I’ll do it gentle”, “just try it”. They infuriate me and usually get an angry lecture on consent. When a guy tells me he wants me to spank myself or deep throat a dildo and I say no I don’t enjoy that so it’s not offered, and his response is I bet you will, just try for me he also gets an intense look in the camera and a lesson on the word no. These guys think nothing of it, that this is normal and acceptable and the way it works. I can understand where this way of thinking comes from as it’s how women have been portrayed in movies for decades. Playing coy or needing to be convinced-either that they will like it, or that it’s ok. Part of the changes I work towards in this industry are changing the narrative, direct communication and desires clearly spoken.

If you want to discuss how to better communicate your interests with your partner or a model you adore, I do offer coaching classes on a variety of things. Please feel free to contact me to set up a digital session  

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