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Dominatrix, Instructor, Sexual Healer, and Fetish Explorer.

bbw caucasian ass laying on couch

Where your fantasy becomes reality

I have been a Domme for over 20 years and have been interested in Fetishes for even longer. I am extremely open minded and interested in helping you explore your "normal" or "not so normal" fetishes. Trust me, if it turns you on, I can guarantee it does someone else too. Specialties include SPH (small penis humiliation), CBT (cock and ball torture), Giantess play, Chastity. Fetishes bring pleasure (or pain) and should never be shameful. Contact me to discuss options for in person, phone, text, or on cam Domination and Fetish Play. 

Check out the services I offer here

I play with males, females, trans people and people who fall anywhere on the gender spectrum. All body types and abilities are welcome to explore and play with me.

I have much experience with feminization and sissification both behind doors and out and about for the day. Check out My wishlist to see what interests me/sizes.

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